Reservations for 2020

Hello and thank you for visiting!
Our main goal here at PBC is to keep our campers, staff and surrounding communities safe during this difficult time. We have decided with great difficulty that we are going to postpone our announcement to the end of May 2020. Please note this means we are currently not taking any reservations during this time.

For quick updates check our Facebook page for updates on our 2020 Season.

Don’t Panic! The 2020 Camping season hasn’t started yet! We hope to see you soon!


May Long Weekend 2020 Announcement

A gentle reminder that we will remain CLOSED for May Long weekend


Please keep in mind that these decisions have not been easily made, but have been made for the benefit

of everyone during COVID-19. We are actively monitoring the current COVID situation and

continue to consult with the Huu-ay-aht First Nation on how we will be able to move forward together. 

We remain working with the local communities and respect their decision of Anacla Resident only,

due to the very limited medical assistance available.

THANK YOU for your patience, kindness and understanding
Wishing everyone great health!