Reservations for 2020

Hello and thank you for visiting!

Pachena Bay Campground Management and staff have made the difficult decision that, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,

the campground will remain closed for the 2020 camping season.

The health and safety of the remote community of Anacla is our top priority.

To all our valued customers, we look forward to having you back when we re-open in the Spring of 2021.  While we are not hosting visitors this Summer,

we will concentrate on upgrades and our expansion plan within the campground to better serve our visitors when it is safe to welcome them back.

Klecko Klecko

Thank you


Huu-ay-aht Citizens

The Pachena Bay Campground features private sites for Huu-ay-aht Citizens, situated along the Pachena River, and located on the right as you drive into the campground. These sites are available for day or overnight camping and administered and operated through the campground kiosk. Reservations are accepted. The fee for private sites, when used by Huu-ay-aht citizens, is by donation.

Pachena Bay Campground Private Sites Map

Rules for the Use of the Private Sites at the Pachena Bay Campground

Etiquette for private sites is consistent with etiquette for the entire campground. 

  1. Behaviour must not disrupt other campers or visiting public.
  2. No loud noise, such as music or parties, after 11:00 p.m.
  3. Private sites must be cleaned after use: gear, garbage, pet waste and fire pit.
  4. Garbage from private sites should be disposed of in the Anacla village dumpsters, not the campground dumpster.
  5. Items and gear left behind at private sites will be disposed of.
  6. Neither the Huu-ay-aht First Nations nor the Pachena Bay Campground is responsible for any loss of or damages to property.
  7. Fires must be attended to at all times; they must be put out if the site is to be left unattended for any length of time.
  8. Please pay attention to any Fire Advisories — campfires may be banned during very dry weather.
  9. Picnic tables and fire pits are not to be moved from public sites to private sites, or vice-versa.
  10. The gazebo is for smaller cooking fires only.
  11. Please swim at your own risk. Neither the river or the beach has lifeguards.
  12. Campground facilities and services are available to members, but standard fees apply to everyone.

For any questions, requests or comments, please e-mail: